MoonInvest is a one-step platform for a start-ups especially in Blockchain & Crypto space. Our crowdfunding creates a unique place where investors can shape the future together.

Moon Vision:

Creating a blockchain Crowdfunding Platform that helps communities and projects and start-ups to achieve their values and dreams together.

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Our team

Ed Dat

Co-founder/CEO Moon Finance

Ed Dat is a young entrepreneur and passionate about the technology industry since 2015.
In 2017 he supported dozens of blockchain projects to develop.
In 2018 he officially established AVA Capital to advise & develop better projects.
By 2021, AVA Capital has invested and developed more than 50 different projects. AVA Capital focuses on long-term investment in platform projects & has major breakthroughs in technology.
2022 to support investors & projects. He launched the Moon Finance platform with the vision of building a developed blockchain ecosystem in the world.

Kevin Nguyen

Co-founder Moon Finance

Founder Blockchain Business Center (BBC).
Chief Development Officer of Quantum Capital Inc (QTCI).
He has an extensive professional international network that will be leveraged to help with Moon's growth and expansion, including engagement of strategic and institutional investors, increased cross-border promotion , strengthen the network of partners.

Trung Do

Co-founder Moon Finance

Trung graduated in Business Administration with a major in Marketing and has many years of experience in the field of IT startups.
In the Blockchain & Crypto space, he was once one of the founding team members of Insight Group, the iconic Crypto organization in its early days.
He has many extensive connections in the fintech, Blockchain & Crypto industry in particular, startups and business in general.
Trung's strength is perseverance and the ability to think clearly and foresight, he is always a solid support for any organization.

Kenny Nguyen

Co-founder Moon Finance

Bachelor of Business Administration. +10 years of experience in media marketing and investment.
Kenny is a former co-founder of two media companies and currently holds the role of Business Director of Ichi Entertainment. He has extensive relationships with many big KOLs and is also an influencer in the entertainment, business and investment industries.
He bought Bitcoin since its price was $300. With many years of experience in communication and investment, Kenny understands very quickly the players and the nature of the crypto market, he is indispensable for Moon's growth.

Paven Do

Blockchain Solution Partner

Head of Development, FPT Blockchain Lab at FPT.
Ph.D. Candidate in Blockchain and Data science at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - HKUST.
Former CTO at Spores Network.


Co-founder Moon Finance

4+ years of working experience as Chief Marketing Officer through various Financial projects with the team size of 20+.
3+ year of experience as a Community Manager support end-to-end product life cycle, provide solution to international clients from Us,Japan, China, Vietnam,... and more.
4+ years of experience in cryptocurrency, Professional Trader.
Currently, Has been building and continues to be the Founder of Diversity Ventures.

Harry Pham

Business Strategy Advisor

+10 years of experience in consulting and implementing in the fields of Business Restructuring, Digital Transformation, Digital Economy.
+20 years of experience working in the fields of: IT, telecommunications, computer networks for units from Operators, Distributors and Vendors such as: Saigon Postel (SPT), DTS, ITC, Cisco System, IBM and Huawei Technologies,….
Council members, lecturers of competitions and training programs on entrepreneurship, career orientation, commerce, communication & marketing, etc..

Ha Thu Pham

Partnership Manager - BD

+2 years of experience in the field of marketing - public relations.
+4 years of experience in investment & blockchain space.
Thu's mission is to connect, strengthen partner relationships by offering value to the company and Moon Finance partners, in order to successfully achieve a mutual goal.

Hany Ngoc

Community KOLs

- 4 years in Digital Marketing field
- 3 years experience in trading crypto,NFT game
BA in Digital Marketing of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

Duc Thanh

Art Manager Moon Finance

- 6 years of experience in the Crypto market
- 5 years of experience in graphic design and video production EICA Agency manager
Bachelor of Business Administration UFBA


Content Manager

4 years of experience in Content Marketing, 1 year of content creation and creative communication
Working as a marketing executive and customer support in the crypto industry since 2019
Bachelor of Information External Relations, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Viet Cuong

Digital Marketing Manager

5 years in Digital Marketing
4 years experience in trading crypto
Bachelor of Finance - Business Administration

Long Le

Marketing Coordinator

3 years of experience in the field of marketing - public relations.
- 2 years of experience in investment & blockchain space.
“My vision is to connect, maximize partner relations by offering marketing value to our company and our beloved partners. I am extremely happy to be a part of the future technology, let's unite, contribute and build a strong crypto space together."